information about or training in a particular field or subject.

Association Consulting Group advisors are uniquely qualified to deliver engaging and meaningful education opportunities to clients.

Developer and builder groups and organizations

  • Educational seminars and training for Forward Planners
  • Training and workshops on new community transition
  • Seminars on new community and volunteer board communication and organization

Not-profit and homeowner associations and boards of directors

  • Meeting facilitation and moderating
  • Board member orientation and training
  • Seminars and talks regarding key organization topics
  • Strategic planning and governance training

Association management Industry and professional organizations

  • Participation on topical panel discussions
  • Delivering key-note addresses
  • Moderating panel discussions
  • Guest speaking of industry topics of interest

Association Attorneys and Professional Groups

  • Panel participation
  • Seminars and educational seminars
  • Short informational talks on a wide range of topics

Community management businesses

  • Guest speaking at corporate events
  • Topical seminars and workshops
  • Moderating and facilitating corporate strategy events

Influencing public policy and policy makers

  • Proposed bill reviews
  • Participation in public hearings and public testimony

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