Successful associations start with good governance.



a professional practice that gives expert advice within a particular field, especially business. “a management consultancy firm”

Non-profit and homeowner association boards of Directors

Strict adherence to the “sound business judgement rule” is the primary protection for volunteer boards of directors. Having a business partner that can provide guidance and counsel when needed, on demand, is crucial to protecting and validating board of directors’ decision making. Association Consulting Group provides both functions in all aspects of association governance:

Financial review
Crisis management
Strategic planning
Best practices implementation
Regulatory compliance testing
Development of policies and rules

Community management and property management firms and professional managers

Balancing talent and team member recruitment and job satisfaction is key to being successful in the acquisition and retention of clients. Creating your businesses competitive and compelling story is the first step in distancing yourself from your competition. Association Consulting Group can help you get to the next level:

  • Internal systems analysis
  • Team compliance systems for internal controls
  • Operational risk management analysis
  • Operational calendar development
  • Mentoring and CEO COO coaching and guidance

New community developers and builders

Creating new communities in today’s regulatory environment is more challenging than ever. Approving and permitting jurisdictions are demanding more concessions in developer agreements to meet low cost housing initiatives and the inclusion of “green” building standards and amenities. Developers who understand these implications for transitioning their communities to volunteer boards will have an advantage in developing marketing strategies for success. Association Consulting Group can help with:

Analysis of development agreements for future board of directors
Development of preliminary HOA budgets with 10-year timelines
Preliminary review of Platte Map and proposed amenity impact to the new community
Guidance and counsel regarding common area/separate interest maintenance implications

Attorneys and Professional Service Providers

Even the best association attorneys and professional service providers need a “boots on the ground” perspective of a client situation. Association Consulting Group can be a knowledgeable and confidential sounding board for assessing association boards and members reactions and attitudes on many governance and administrative topics:

  • Governing document revisions, policies and rules
  • Special assessment issues and concerns
  • Elections and annual meetings
  • Governing document enforcement and member to member complaints
  • Best practices