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Association Consulting Group co-founder and advisor instructing CACM’s course Effective Meeting and Election Tools.

Tucson, Az – August 11, 2020 — John Cligny, co-founder and senior advisor, Association Consulting Group, Tucson, will be instructing the California Association of Community Managers (CACM) professional development course for community managers, Effective Meeting and Election Tools. The course will be held online Thursday, August 20th from 10:00 AM to noon.

Effective Meeting and Election Tools will build upon the content presented in the California Law Module IV. Delving further into the tools needed to run meetings and elections smoothly and effectively, considering changes in California HOA election law due to SB 323 and COVID guidelines.

Cligny, A veteran portfolio manager and industry thought leader co-founded Association Consulting Group (ACG). ACG provides advice and education to HOA clients and management companies on a wide range of community management topics as well as providing expert testimony in litigation involving common interest developments. Cligny’s primary focus is encouraging board members, managers, and management company effectiveness and success through professionalism, competency, and strict compliance to Federal, State and Local statutes affecting the operation of common interest developments.

Association Consulting Group’s mission is to foster good HOA governance, thereby determining effectiveness, sustainability, and successful outcomes for communities.

CACM is a California based organization dedicated to educating and fostering professionalism among its 2400 community manager members and is the only California specific resource for the community management industry.

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