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About Us

Association Consulting Group encourages good governance by providing consultancy,
educational and expert testimony services to associations and boards of directors nationwide.

California HOAs - Governance Assessment Survey

Do you question if your association is doing what is required or worry about personal risk to you as a board member? Take this basic survey to assess how you are doing.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to provide Consultancy, educational and expert testimony services to HOA boards of directors, professional service providers, educational associations, legal firms and land developers to make a positive impact in HOA (Homeowner Association) communities nationwide.

Meet Our Advisors

Tani Cligny CCAM CMCA

With 30+ years of financial and accounting background in both for profit and not for profit corporations as well as 15+ years of HOA….


With thousands of HOA board meetings under his belt, John has been providing consultative leadership to HOA communities for 15+ years.


“Your attention to detail on the timeline and project expectations instills a lot of confidence in your work ethic and reaffirms why we decided to collaborate with you on this project.”

“It has been a pleasure working with you at every step. Your steady hand shaved months off the search, moved us through the process with assurance, and saved us from innumerable potholes along the way. We’d be happy to serve as references in the future.”

“The community is impressed and would likely want to have you as Inspector of Elections for future annual elections. At the same time, you can teach the new board/our community proper governance?”

“Thank you for the excellent service you provided as Inspector of Elections. Your professionalism, leadership, competency, knowledge, and clear communication show many homeowners what excellence is and how a “pro” with domain expertise conducts business.”

“I also want to thank the instructor, John Cligny, for a job well done.  John incorporated the information/slide presented from yesterday’s call and easily transitioned it into the course curriculum for the team.”

“Great Job. So, love to consider Association Consulting Group for future contracts.”

“Association Consulting Group exceeded my expectations and that’s not easy to do!”

“I heard from a little birdie that you were the best teacher that they have had so far! Thank you for taking care of our younger generation and not scaring them off. “

Services We Offer


A professional practice that gives expert advice within a particular field, especially business. “a management consultancy firm”….


Association Consulting Group advisors are uniquely qualified to deliver engaging and meaningful education opportunities to clients….

Expert Testimony

Advisors are uniquely qualified to assist in plaintiff and defense litigation by providing  professional expertise and opinion for depositions…..

Inspector of Elections

State regulations for conducting community association elections have increased risk for community boards of directors, management firms…

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